2003 RocketJam.com

• December 6, 2003 - The Photoshop section has been updated. Just in time for the holidays, I've added some Christmas images to the seasonal graphics section of the gallery. There have been some other small updates over the past few months including the links page, and the exciting 2003 vacation. I've also been doing some maintenence of existing pages here and there.

• July 20, 2003 - The Hansen Home Page has been updated with a story and pictures of the tornado which tore through Moore, Oklahoma on May 8th of this year. We've also updated the "Who Are the Hansens?" page with a new picture. You can check out both of these items at the Hansen Home Page or you can go directly to the tornado story.

• February 5, 2003 - RocketJam.com makes it's world wide debut today. The third iteration of my web site, this time with a real domain name and URL. While the site is fairly extensive, most of it existed previously on the web in former incarnations. New content is constantly being worked on and there's a fair amount to see around here now although some of it's fairly dated. You may find a few missing pages and broken links. We're still working on things and fixing all the wiring and leaks.

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