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I'm redoing this links page, so it's currently a work in progress. Categories are listed at the top and selecting one of them will jump to the relevant links. Some category links will go to new pages, but all pages reside on RocketJam's server.


Hardware, operating systems, new tech, old tech and more.


All kinds of news links. News aggregators, tech news, world news, national news, alternative news sources etc.

3D Links

Links to resources and software related to 3D computer graphics


Cutting edge science, scientific anomalies, fringe science, science science, they're all here.


From HTML resources to file sharing networks, this is a wide-ranging category.


There are an incredible number of web sites devoted to religion. Official web sites of world religions, university department sites, individual devotees, critics and detractors, the subject and list is inexhaustible.

Computers and Technology

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    Tech News
  • CNet - Long-time internet tech news source.
  • Wired - Wired magazine's internet incarnation.
  • ZDNet - Major computer magazine publisher Ziff-Davis' site.
  • The Register - British tech news site with attitude.
  • Slashdot - "News for nerds. Stuff that matters".
  • InfoWorld - Large enterprise print IT news magazine, this is the electronic version.
  • eWeek - Formerly PC Week; InfoWorld's competition.

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3D Links

  • POVRay - The famous freeware raytracer.
  • Mac POVRay modelers/utilities
  • Rayshade - An older freeware renderer.
  • Art of Illusion - Very capable multi-platform freeware modeler/renderer written in Java.
  • Wings3D - Multiplatform freeware modeler which exports to several formats.
  • Blender - Very complete multiplatform freeware 3D application.
  • Strata3D - Affordable commercial program, noted for being easy to learn and its quality renderer.
  • Pixels 3D Affordable, quality Mac modeler/render.
  • 3ds Max - A popular commercial application.
  • LightWave 3D - High end commercial system.
  • Maya - The standard for high end commercial 3D animation and visual effects software.