2001 2540dpi.f2s Archive

• November 11, 2001 - We were a little slow about it but the Hansen Home Page has been updated with news of Sarah and Jerrold's wedding. Check out the pictures and coverage here.

We're also working on several other items around the site and should be posting some updates over the next two or three weeks.

• July 31, 2001 - We've posted Scaletron! the scaling calculator. Scaletron! is the complete digital alternative to the old proportion wheel, familiar to designers and prepress people everywhere. Not only is it a great tool, but it's an editable Applescript application, so you can customize it to your needs! Check out this great utility here.

• June 3, 2001 - We've managed to get a handful of updates on the site in the past month or so. We've started the Apple pages here. The Photoshop gallery pages have been started. You can see what we've done so far by following this link.

I've begun using some simple Cascading Style Sheets in the newer pages on the site. Due to the uneven support for CSS among the various browsers it's a challenge to incorporate them and get acceptable results on any browser, but so far they'er generally working okay. I've also been adding a date stamp to the site's pages as I've been creating or updating them, making it easy to see what's changed or new from previous visits.

Our POV-Ray utilities and modelers page got listed on the Official POV-Ray web site links page and it has resulted in a huge traffic spike! We're also showing up in most major search engines under a variety of search terms.

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