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Hansen Home Page News -

• July 9, 2000 - The web site has an official new entry page to match the 2540dpi URL. The Hansen Home Page is now linked off the new front page. If you haven't seen it yet, you can view it by following this link (not working). The work entailed some redesign of the whole site so we haven't posted any news on this page in a couple of months. We'll try to have some updates soon.

• April, 2000 - A fair amount of new content has been developed and posted to the POV-Ray section our 3D Computer Graphics page over the past couple of months. We have posted the first part of a step-by-step scene building tutorial. There is also a new color-picking utility for Macintosh POV-Ray users, which I wrote in Applescript. You can download it and check it out. You can go directly to the POV-Ray page by following this link.

• February 27, 2000 -I've been doing a lot of work on the web site. You may have noticed most of the main section pages have been updated with the new vertical navigation bar. We've also added an archive page with older news and links that have been moved off the main page. The 3D graphics section of the Graphic Content page has been also updated. The POV-Ray page has been uploaded, with a gallery and an About POV-Ray page. There's still a lot to add but it's a start.

• February 5, 2000 - Our web space provider, internettrash.com, was offering site subdirectories and ftp uploading. As the Hansen Home Page grows I thought these features would become useful in maintaining the site so I investigated the offer. When I followed a link which I thought would provide more information I was informed that I had been signed up, and in exchange for the new services I am forced to display the advertising banner or the annoying pop-up window.

I am not very happy with the situation since part of the reason I chose Internettrash as a web space provider was that they didn't require you to display advertising banners.

Therefore, while continuing to maintain and update the site, I am looking at other web space providers and may move the site if and when I find one that I like. When this happens a link to the new site will be posted here and our presence here at Internettrash will remain for a while too.

You also may have noticed that the Links Page has finally become active. There's still a lot to do to it but we've got a start anyway.

• January 15, 2000 - Big News at the Hansens! A beautiful baby girl was born to Sarah Hansen and Jerrold Allery on January 4th, 2000. Peggy and RJay are now grandparents! Go to the New Baby Page. for pictures and more information.

Bonus Vacation Pictures! Surprise! When we got one of the rolls of film with the pictures of the new baby developed, there were more pictures from our Colorado vacation this past summer. To see the new pictures follow this link or follow the link a couple of paragraphs down to the main vacation page and see the whole thing.

• January 2, 2000 - Happy New Year! To greet the new year we posted the entrance to the 3D section of the Graphic Content Page. To view it go to the graphics page and click on the 3D Graphics link.

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