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August 15, 1999 - The vacation page is up! Now you can sample the excitement of the Hansen's July, 1999 Vacation to Colorado! You can visit the vacation page here.

August 10, 1999 - It's been a while since we've had an update.It's been a long, hot summer without much news. Work on other pages of the website has been slowly progressing. We should have the start of the Graphics page up any day.

The big news item is the Hansens escaped the oppressive Oklahoma heat for a week in the mountains of Colorado. RJay, Peggy and Lyndsey went white water rafting and camped in the mountains for a week in late July. We'll have a vacation page soon.

May 27, 1999 - I've had a chance to check the new layout on some different machines with different browsers and we're pretty happy with the results. I pretty much hand coded the HTML and we've got more compact and clean code. The text and image placeholders load more quickly. It's also a "flowing" design that stretches or shrinks to fit your browser window.


Monday, May 3rd a devastating tornado tore through Moore Oklahoma and surrounding communities, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. In a storm-packed night over 20 tornadoes punished Oklahoma, from Kingfisher to Chickasha. The largest, an F-5 monster that was estimated to be over a half mile wide at times, swept through Moore, South Oklahoma City, Del City and Midwest City destroying thousands of homes and leaving 41 dead and hundreds injured. See further information on our tornado page here

Original Page - The last thing we are going to put here is a link to the original version of the Hansen Home Page which appeared on the World Wide Web in March of 1999. The original version was created with a WYSIWYG web page editor which shall remain nameless. It was posted for only a month or so. I wasn't real happy with it and switched to an html code editor and revised the look of the page. The links on this page (at least the ones that work), all go to the current versions of the linked pages, ie. the "Who?" link goes to the current "Who?" page not the original March 1999 "Who?" page. To see the original Hansen Home Page follow this link.

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