We took our vacation this summer the week after July 4th. Lyndsey had gone to Minnesota the previous week with her aunt Mickey's family to stay at Patty and Alan's cabin on Gull Lake. They started back to Oklahoma on Saturday, July 5th and didn't arrive home until Sunday afternoon. Peggy and I were wanting leave as soon as possible after Lyndsey returned since we had a lot of driving to do. We let her rest for an hour or so after she got home since she had been riding in a car for a day and a half. While she rested, we loaded up the car and got things ready to go.

We finally left around 3:00 pm. We drove west on I-40 and stopped in Amarillo and spent the night. We started early the next morning, continuing west to Santa Fe, arriving early in the afternoon. We had decided to see about camping in Hyde Memorial State Park which was less than 10 miles northeast of Santa Fe.

We drove through Santa Fe and up to the park. It was a very nice park up in the mountains with nice, well separated campsites. We chose a site and set up out tents then headed back down the mountain to Sante Fe. The rest of the afternoon was spent in downtown Santa Fe, looking in shops and galleries. Since we hadn't gotten back into town until somewhat late in the afternoon, we decided we'd come back and spend some time the next day before we left for Colorado.

As the evening came, we left town and went back to our campsite. We spent a nice evening around the campfire before retiring to our tents. We rose the next morning and broke camp. We packed everything back into the car and drove down to town once more. We spent the morning once again, seeing the sites before heading out around 12:30 that afternoon.

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