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April 26, 1999 -

• The Hansen Home Page made its worldwide debut today after weeks of intense preparation. With sections still under heavy construction, anxious web surfers couldn't fully satisfy their curiosity, but the parts posted for public view hint at the rich, information packed experience that awaits viewers upon completion of the site.

The clean bright layout, with quick-loading graphics and easy navigation promise a pleasurable viewing experience for visitors to the site. Featuring Hansen family news, an art page, sports updates, Apple Computer info and of course a page of links, the Hansen Home Page offers information and entertainment to all viewers.

"We hope to continuously offer a fresh experience each time you access our home page," said RJay Hansen, webmaster of the site. "We're working to get the site completed, then will update the pages and add sections as time goes on."

In the meantime viewers are invited to look around and enjoy their stay.

• The Sports Page starts its coverage of the Revenge girls softball team, which started the season back at the beginning of the month.

• We have resolved most of the display problems we were having. Don't save your jpegs in Photoshop with a preview! We're still getting a little garbage type on a couple of pages and are working on that.

update 4-29: In my testing so far, the problem is only showing up in Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Mac. All pages display fine in Netscape 4 for Mac and the Mac beta browser iCab renders the pages correctly. On Windows, Netscape 4 worked fine but an older version ( version 3 I think) there were some problems with the navigation bar.

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