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Mac Links

    News and Information

  • Macintouch Long time Apple/Macintosh news site.
  • MacMinute A headline news site.
  • Mac News Network Another popular Mac headline site.
  • MacSurfer's Headline News A longtime Mac Headline aggretator. Kind of like an RSS reader before RSS was available.
  • MacSlash A Mac specific Slashdot-type site.

  • Hardware

  • LowEndMac Extensive Mac hardware information with summaries of every Mac model ever sold.
  • AccelerateYourMac Great hardware information source.
  • BareFeats A longtime hardware benchmarking site.
  • MacSpeedZone
  • Benchmarks, upgrade reviews, hardware info and forums.
  • Other World Computing A Mac hardware sales site. Good prices and a good source for supporting older hardware.
  • Baucom Dave Baucom buys and sells used Macs. A great place to pick up your first Mac at a good price.
  • Alsoft Great software for your hardware. They make the indispensable DiskWarrior.
  • Opinion

  • MacOpinion What it says.
  • DaringFireball Intelligent commentary on current Mac and tech issues.
  • LowEndMac LowEndMac runs some thoughtful opinion pieces
  • Software

  • MacUpdate Large database of new and updated software.
  • VersionTracker Like MacUpdate, but been around longer.
  • A large list of OS X software maintained by an individual.
  • Info-Mac The granddaddy of Mac software collections.
  • Adobe Systems Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. The 800-lb gorilla of graphics software.
  • Apple Computer OS X, iTunes, FinalCutPro, iPhoto, GarageBand, etc...
  • The Fink project Ports open source Unix software to Darwin and OS X.
  • Gnu-Darwin Gnu-licensed software for OS X and Darwin.
  • Applescript

  • Official documentation and resources.
  • The Applescript resource. OSAX, utilities, Applescript FAQ, free scripts and libraries and more!
  • The Applescript Sourcebook Longtime Applescripter Bill Cheeseman's site. Tips, scripts, handlers, libraries, reviews and more.
  • appleMods Large repository of script libraries hosted by SourceForge.

More links to come!

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