Frank in the News

Frank Keating makes the news a lot in Oklahoma. One would expect this with him being the Governer. The interesting thing is how often he does it by making some "curious" remark or action. Politicians are expected to have silver tongues, with an ability to eloquently persuade others. As further proof of his "alienness" Frank has the knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

The following news events were all documented by the mainstream media and links to these media sources are included with the news items when available. It's all true!

News Item
Frank Keating says a good solution to dealing with the state's teachers would be "homicide". In 1996 he had previously referred to them as "slugs".
Documented in "The Norman Transcript"

News Item
Frank Keating, a practicing Catholic, declares the pope to be wrong about capital punishment. During the increased media coverage of an impending execution, Keating made the statement when asked about the Church's position on the death penalty.
This should be documented in the Daily Oklahoman, which has an extensive archive available at Unfortunately, they charge for access to the articles in their archive, so unless you really want to verify this for yourself, you'll have to take my word on this one.

News Item
Apparently angry at a question from a reporter, Frank Keating grabs the reporter by the arm and pokes him in the chest as he declines to discuss the question.
Documented in "The Norman Transcript."

Stay tuned for more, as Frank continues to make the news!

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