The charade can GO ON NO LONGER! At great personal risk, we feel we have to PUT AN END to the MEDIA COVER UP. The world must know. the Honorable Frank Keating, Governer of the State of Oklahoma is a BUG-EYED, GALAXY-TRASHING, COW MUTILATING, HUMAN-BRAIN-SUCKING SPACE ALIEN!!!

There! We've said it. Perhaps now, with the truth out in the open his FIENDISH PLAN CAN BE STOPPED! Oh yes, we know the skeptics out there don't believe us. They think this is a "joke". Or we're a bunch of "UFO nuts". But THE TRUTH IS THERE for anyone that wants to see it.

Most politicians have a "plan" for their state, or country. Well, FRANK KEATING HAS A "PLAN" FOR THE EARTH! And the part concerning us humans isn't pretty. His plan is progressing smoothly!! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Having already assumed leadership of the Great State of Oklahoma, he is now jockeying for a position on the cabinet of presidential hopeful, George W. Bush. We haven't determined whether Bush is a DUPE of the aliens, a collaborator, or an alien himself, but the situation is getting MORE DANGEROUS FOR THE EARTH no matter what. Who better to feed intelligence to the alien invasion fleet than THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE?!!

You ask, "But what can I do to stop him? Surely eliminating him would bring the wrath of the alien fleet down upon us!" Don't worry, it's much simpler than that. Follow the links on this web page to educate yourself about the situation. Then spread the word. People must be alerted to the danger. Last, and most of all, DON'T VOTE FOR HIM or any ticket he's on. This is the only way to stop him. Together we can save the Earth!

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