Exlusive Proof!

Rumors of the existence of a short video clip, which would prove beyond doubt Frank Keating's true form, had long circulated. Initially doubtful, our opinion was soon swayed when reliable sources insisted they were true.Through the cooperation of certain individuals, who must remain nameless, we have been able to obtain a copy of this clip.

We cannot guess the original intent of those who made this video clip or what its purpose was, but we are sure they didn't intend it to be seen by the public before they were "ready" to show it. The horrifying images revealed in it could cause panic.

After much internal debate we have decided to make this clip available for viewing here, despite its shocking nature. We feel the importance of making people aware of the truth of our message overides all other concerns.

To view a 52K Quicktime movie of this terrifying video clip, click on the link below.
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