The POV-Ray Image Gallery
The gallery has grown somewhat from its humble beginnings although its still pretty small. I'm certainly not very prolific with POV-Ray, epecially compared to some users, but I enjoy doing a new scene every now and then. Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.
pov-toys This is a larger rendering of the image on the entry page to the POV-Ray section of the site.
jack-o-lantern In this image we use fog and lighting to set some mood.
candyworld This is my biggest POV-Ray project to date. Behold Candy World!
sunrise Here is my entry into the May-June 2000 IRTC, created with several modeling tools and rendered with POV-Ray.
pumpkins In this picture I expanded on the original jack-o-lantern idea in the previous pumpkin scene, creating better pumpkins and adding some scenery.
This was my entry for the March-April 2002 IRTC. Another image created with various modeling tools and rendered in POV-Ray.
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This page was last updated Wednesday, January 12, 2005