I did this as an entry in the March-April 2002 IRTC. The theme was "Winter". I used several different tools to create models for assembly into a scene file for POV-Ray. The fisherman and his rod and reel were modeled in Pixels 3D. This model was exported as a DXF file then converted to POV triangle meshes with dxfPR. The textures were added in POV Ray.

The tacklebox was done in Amapi 3D then exported directly to POV triangle meshes and textured there.

The snow for the trees is done with blob objects. These were modeled with Jam, a little Mac blob modeler which saves out POV files. The trees themselves are just POV Ray cones with cylinders for trunks. There are actually only two different blob/snow trees built and I placed them at various sizes and rotations to look like different trees.

The saw is made from prism objects. The outlines for the blade and handle were done in Illustrator then saved as EPS files. These were then run thru EPStoPOV to create the prisms. The handle uses a wood texture from woods.inc.

The bobber is just a sphere and cylinder done in POVRay. The lake ice is a large box with a cylinder differenced for the hole to fish thru. The water and splash are another blob done with Jam and the hills in the background are also a (very large) blob done with Jam. The sky is a sky sphere with a sky from skies.inc.

I overlit the scene somewhat to get a bit of glare on the ice and snow. Due to this I turned down the diffuse light on most of the the other objects so they would not be overexposed and washed out. I threw in some ground fog to finish things up. The whole scene took me about 5 weeks from start to finish.