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Welcome to our Applescript page! Applescript is one of the Macintosh's most useful, yet least known technologies. From automating tedious day-to-day tasks, to writing small applications to automating complex workflows that may involve several programs, it is capable of a being used for a wide variety of tasks.

Many Mac users are aware of Applescript but think it's not really something they can use. If you start looking into Applescript though, by checking out some of the Applescript resources on the web and maybe downloading a few of the many free scripts that are available, you generally will find out there are scripts and script apps that are useful to you and you'll start thinking of something you would like to be able to script yourself.

Applescript uses an English-like syntax making it fairly easy to learn and write simple, yet useful scripts quickly. You may find, as I have, the more scripts you write, the more uses you can think of for new ones. I've been working with Applescript for about a year and am not a proficient scripter by any means, yet I have been able to write several useful scripts which have automated various tasks at work, and at home.

Eventually we hope to have some how-to's and some links to other Applescript resources. For now I'm posting scripts that I've written.

Scaletron! The scaling calculator. So useful it gets its own web page!
More scripts. Here are some other scripts I've written. All are editable so you may be able to adapt some of them for your own purposes.
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