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Below are some of the scripts I have written along with brief descriptions of what they do. All scripts are fully editable. Some of these scripts require third party OSAX in order to run. These are noted where it applies. All the required OSAXen can be found at MacScripter.Net which, by the way is an indispensible resource for Applescript. These scripts generally assume you know what you are doing so most of them don't have much if any error checking in them. Therefore if the script calls for a text file don't give it a tiff file instead! I'm not responsible for any damage, etc, etc these scripts may cause. They all work for me but you run them at your own risk.

I'll get this all organized better sooner or later too. :-)

New Scripts For OS X!


textClean is an AppleScript which takes the text on the clipboard and strips single returns from lines, leaving double returns to make a paragraph. textClean is useful for text you may copy from emails or web pages which sometimes contain hard returns at the end of each line so they won't word wrap to your window or page.


I wrote this specifically to combine several website traffic logs into a single file hence, the name. It's really just a text file concatenator though and can be used on any group of text files. Choose a folder of text files and this script will then combine them into a new, single file.

OS 8/9 Scripts

INPoPrefs Backup

I wrote INPoPrefs Backup for my job. We use DK&A's INPosition Quark Xtension for impostion software. Unfortunately we have a problem with the INPosition preferences files going corrupt on us fairly often and this results in unpredictable printing. This script makes a backup copy of that preference file once a week, replacing the existing one each time the new one is made.

This script can easily be adapted to make a backup of any file you want to have backed up on a regular basis. You can also easily change the backup period from weekly to whatever you need. It shouldn't take much work to have it back up a folder instead of a single file. This script also demonstrates a simple use of properties in a script, using them to store the dates we use for our weekly backups.

PicBox2PageSize 1.1

PicBox2PageSize is a script for Quark Xpress version 4 or 5. This script displays a dialog asking the user to enter the desired page width and height. It then creates a new Quark page of those dimensions with a picture box the same size as the page. It also sets the ruler origin to the top left corner of the page and stores the entered width and height in properties so they are the default size the next time the script is run.

This script is handy if you want to place a full page EPS or PDF on a page within a Quark document. It requires the Dialog Director OSAX in order to run. It also requires the page dimensions to be entered in inches although, once again that could easily be changed if desired.

Quark PreProcess 1.0

This is another Quark script (version 4). You choose a folder containing the Quark files you want to process. This script then cycles through the documents changing the measurements to inches and saving as version 4 documents. You can easily add any other parameters you would like to set. This script is somewhat notable as it is where I discovered the somewhat convoluted

set theFile to a reference to item i of fileList as alias

way of referring to a particular file returned through the choose folder dialog. I'll address why I think this is significant elsewhere on the Applescript page when it grows beyond this simple script repository.

Extension Comparer 1.0.1

I wrote Extension Comparer to assist in troubleshooting extension conflicts. This script examines two different extension sets and lists the differences between the two sets. To use it, in Extension Manager, save the two sets you want to examine as text files. Then when you run this script it will ask you to select the two text files you want to check, then write a new text file to your desktop, listing the odd extensions and control panels in each set.

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