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Version 3.1 Universal Binary...Finally!
With the advent of OS X Lion, Apple has discontinued including the Rosetta translation software with the Mac OS so it's no longer possible to run PPC native apps such as Scaletron 3.0 and earlier if you've upgraded your OS to Lion. Scaletron 3.1 has been recompiled as a Universal Binary so it will run natively on a PPC machine or on an Intel machine. Download version 3.1 here.

New Version 3 Now Available!
Version 3 of Scaletron! is a major new release with new features that make Scaletron! more useful than ever.

Scaletron! the scaling calculator, besides performing the scaling calculations you need, gives you this bullet-list of crunchy goodness:

  • Cool OS X Aqua interface!
  • Written in AppleScript Studio!
  • Source code available as an open source licensed Xcode project!
  • Cool gigantic 128x128 pixel icon!
  • Absolutely 100% FREE! No guilt or money required.
And now version 3 brings you even more features:
  • Optionally calculates scaled image resolution!
  • New Preferences menu, allows you to work the way you want!
  • Optionally remembers window position between launches!
  • Cool NEW gigantic 128 x 128 pixel icon!
  • All these great new features and still absolutely FREE!

What is Scaletron! and what can it do for me?

Scaletron! is a scaling calculator — an electronic replacement for the old graphic arts proportion wheel, used for calculating enlargements and reductions of artwork. Great for sizing scans and artwork, calculating page enlargements or reductions and other layout or output needs, Scaletron! is an ideal tool for graphic artists, digital photographers, web designers, scanner operators and prepress technicians.

Scaletron! is simple to operate, yet provides several options as to which parameters you want to enter and calculate such as:

  • Enter an original width and a new width to get the scaling percentage.
  • Enter an original width and a percentage to obtain the new width.
  • Enter an original width and height and a new width and get the scaling percentage and the new height.
  • Determine the effective resolution of your images after enlargement or reduction.
In short, you can enter virtually any combination of parameters to get the calculations you need.

Below is a screenshot of Scaletron!

scaletron 3 screenshot

But that's not all! Why confine Scaletron! to scaling? Use Scaletron! to calculate your kid's Little League batting average! Enter the number of at-bats in an Original Size field and the number of hits in the New Size field to get their average. Or use it to help track your golf statistics. Put it on your laptop and use it to calculate tips at restaurants! You'll wonder how you ever lived without Scaletron! ;-)

You ask, "How much for this great utility?"


That's right, Scaletron! is freeware! But wait! There's more! Scaletron! is written with AppleScript Studio and the source code is also available for free download as an Xcode project. You are free to view and/or edit and adapt the source for your own needs. Use it to learn about AppleScript Studio! If you're an experienced developer, laugh at my puny coding efforts! Customize it with a company logo! Add your own feature! Hate Apple's metallic windows? Change them in Interface Builder!

Version 3 of Scaletron requires Mac OS X to run. At least OS X 10.1. Note that while we ran a public beta of version 3, I can only confirm that it has been tested with OS X 10.3.x Panther and OS X 10.4.x Tiger. If you are still running Mac OS 8.x or 9 (and we know some of you designers and prepress people still are) you can still download the original Scaletron! version 1 for the classic Mac OS. Version 1 requires the 'Dialog Director' scripting addition (more info below).


I'd like to thank all those who downloaded the public beta of version 3 and ran it thru its paces.

I also don't want to forget those who helped us with version 2 of Scaletron! when a compatibility problem with OS X 10.4 "Tiger" cropped up. Scaletron! user Kevin Horn, first alerted me to the problem. Kevin also tested version 2.1 and confirmed that it fixed the problem. And, since I'm not running Tiger, I couldn't even begin to track down the problem so I asked for help on the Apple Script Studio mail list and list member Andreas Kiel took a look at Scaletron's source and found the problem as well as providing a fix. Without both of these gentlemen, Scaletron! version 2.1 wouldn't have been possible.


Download Scaletron 3.1 (Universal Binary) for Mac OS X.
Scaletron! 3.1 (1.5 MB)

Download Scaletron! 3.0 (PPC) for Mac OS X.
Scaletron! 3.0 (452 KB)

Download the Scaletron! 3.0 source Xcode project.
Scaletron! 3.0 source

If you still need to use Scaletron! version 2.1 for some reason, you can download it below.

Download Scaletron! 2.1 for Mac OS X.
Scaletron! 2.1 (280 KB)

Download the Scaletron! 2.1 source Xcode project.
Scaletron! 2.1 source (28 KB)

If you are still using Mac OS 8 or 9 you can download Scaletron! version 1. Scaletron! version 1 requires the Dialog Director scripting addition. If you don't already have this scripting addition, you can download Scaletron! 1.0 complete which includes Dialog Director.
Scaletron! 1.0 complete (368 KB)

If you already have Dialog Director you can download the Scaletron! 1.0 only.
Scaletron! 1.0 only (88 KB)

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