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After purchasing a digital camera for Christmas in 2002, the convenience and instant digital access to photos caused me to begin shooting a lot more pictures and to try to take more creative pictures. Additionally I've enjoyed working on some of the images in Phostoshop, enhancing or complementing the mood of the photo.

Our December, 2002 purchase was a very consumer-level model, a 2.1 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot P-31. Still, we enjoyed it and found it capable of taking some nice pictures. You can get some good closeups with it although you literally have to be "close up" since it has no zoom.

In December 2004 we "upgraded" to a 4 megapixel Canon A-85 with a 3x optical zoom. It also has a manual mode, giving you good control over exposure and white balance if you want.

I've broken this Photographs page into a couple of sections. "Photos" contains photographs of varying subjects and the "Series" page has pages containing series of photos on a single subject or theme.

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