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Who are the Hansens?

The Hansens
The Hansens - April 2003
RJay, Lyndsey, K Lee, Sarah and Peggy

The Hansen Family is dad RJay, mom Peggy, daughters Sarah and Lyndsey and granddaughter K Lee.

I'm the prepress supervisor of a print shop in Oklahoma City. I've done prepress work in the printing industry for 22 years. I did conventional prepress for 14 years before moving on to electronic prepress work in 1995. I'm an obsessive reader with several books going at any given time along with various magazines and content from the internet.

I also enjoy working with my computer, including working on my web site, 3D graphics and Photoshop.

Peggy has worked for the State of Oklahoma for 20 years and is a supervisor for the OMA. She enjoys decorating the house, gardening and spoiling her grandchild. She is also interested and active in the victims rights movement in our country.

Sarah is working to support her daughter K. Lee and is taking some courses at a local community college.

Lyndsey is our youngest daughter. She's in high school and stays active with academics and sports. She enjoys playing basketball on her high school team.

The really big news is we finally have an updated picture of the Hansen family for this page! This one was taken on Easter of 2003.

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