Scaletron! version 3 beta

Welcome to the Scaletron! Version 3 Public Beta

NOTE: New version of beta now available. A typo in one of Scaletron!'s routines that caused that routine to not run was discovered and fixed. Entering an original width, original height and original resolution and calculating their new values at a given percentage generated an error message. This has been fixed in beta 2, available for download below.

We are running a public beta of Scaletron! version 3. Version 3 of Scaletron! has been extensively rewritten and now includes the option to have resolution calculated along with your document's dimensions and scaling percentage.

Scaletron! version 3 requires a Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Scaletron! version 3 is not a Universal Binary (yet) but it should run fine under Rosetta. To this point, testing has been limited to OS X 10.3.9 In our testing Scaletron! v. 3 has been stable and runs as expected. But this is a beta version. This Scaletron! beta may crash on you or otherwise misbehave so don't download it if you aren't prepared for that possibility.

This beta copy of Scaletron! will expire on November 30. Provided no major problems are uncovered during the beta test period, a final release will be ready for download when the beta expires. As has been the case since version 1 of Scaletron!, the final release will be free software and the source code will be available for download also.

Please see the Beta Read Me that is included with the download for further details and information on where to send feedback and/or bug reports.

Documentation for Scaletron! version 3 is included with the download.

Download the Scaletron! version 3 public beta