POV-Ray Colorizer

Pov-Ray Colorizer is a handy utility for Mac POV-Ray users, that gives you access to a color-picker while editing your scenes.

POV-Ray Colorizer is a really simple little application I wrote in Applescript. It doesn't do much, but I think it adds a useful function to the Official Mac POV-Ray application. It calls up the system color-picker, where you can choose the color you want to use. It then converts that color to a POV-Ray language rgb color vector and places it on the clipboard where it can be pasted into your scene or include file.

By using Leonard Rosenthal's great freeware OSA Menu extension or through the Apple Menu, you can use POV-Ray Colorizer within the POV-Ray application fairly seamlessly. I think if you try POV-Ray Colorizer you will really like it.

Since POV-Ray Colorizer places its output on the clipboard it can be used with BBEdit or another text editor if you prefer that to POV-Ray's scene editor.

POV-Ray Colorizer is freeware. I saved it as an editable application so you can open it in Script Editor and and change it as you see fit.

POV-Ray Colorizer requires Jon's Commands scripting addition which must be placed in the Scripting Additions folder in your System folder in order to run.
I've made three downloads available. The deluxe package includes the POV-Ray Colorizer application with documention, the required scripting addition and an installer for the OSA Menu extension. This file is 380K
The Colorizer complete package includes the Colorizer applet, and Jon's Commands scripting addition. This file is about 132K
The last small package contains only the POV-Ray Colorizer application and documentation. URLs where you can obtain the scripting addition and OSA Menu are included. This file is only 10K.

Deluxe POV-Ray Colorizer package Complete POV-Ray Colorizer package POV-Ray Colorizer application only
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