This fellow was trying sell us a refrigerator. A lot of people were out trying to salvage what they could from the remains of their houses. You can see all the rubble they have swept out of their driveway.


This is another photo that Mickey took Tuesday morning after the storm on her inlaw's street. I think this picture really illustrates the fury of the storm.

The tornado traveled 38 miles and was on the ground for 85 minutes. For comparison, a tornado that lasts for as long as 30 minutes is a long-lived tornado. The final death toll for the night of May 3rd in the state of Oklahoma was 44 people. The last missing person was found Thursday, May 13,in Moore 150 feet from the Shields bridge over I-35 where she had attempted to take cover. The area where she was found had already been searched twice and bulldozers had began removing debris from the area.











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