The remains of Joe and Jeanette Murphy's home. The Murphys are
Peggy's sister Mickey's inlaws. They live across the road from Kelley
Elementary. They hid in their storm cellar during the storm. Their neighbors
had to dig them out after the storm.


This is another shot of the Murphy's house, mixed in with their neighbors houses. Mickey took this picture the morning after the storm and you can see the ominous clouds still threatening the area. This was a large neighborhood that extended back to Santa Fe in the direction we are looking here, about a half mile away. As you can see there is nothing left as far as you can see. If you turned around 180 degrees from here, the destruction continues on in the same way as far as you can see.

Lyndsey has several friends at her school that live in this neighborhood and many of their houses were destroyed. If you have lived in Moore for very long, odds are you know someone whose home was damaged or destroyed by the storm.

All photos copyright 1999 Michelle Murphy all rights reserved.

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