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I used to draw quite a bit, before I started using computers. Since then, (around 1995) I do most of my art projects on the computer. I have always been a comic/cartoon fan, and felt I had a knack for cartoon drawing. Almost all of my drawings were done for my own enjoyment; I never really pursued any work with it, although I did do a couple of cartoons for a couple of publications as part of my job at the Journal Record back in the 80's and 90's.

I've just got a few things I had scanned previously up here right now. I'll add to it as I dig out some of my old stuff and get it digitized. Click on a thumbnail below to view the large image. Sorry, but some of these are fairly large file. Their size is listed with their thumbnail.

Big Mouth
pentagram eyeball
Pentagram Eyeball
pyramid eyeball
Pyramid Eyeball

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